Started out learning keyboard in primary school and had a friend that played little horn for the school band. When the then drummer moved up to “big school” there was no one else to take his place. I could just about make sense of the sheet music so I put myself forward. I had my first “gig” at the tender age of 10 (a full two weeks after joining!). I was hooked.

My parents finally give into to my pleas about a year later. They managed to find a relative who had a crappy old kit stuffed in their loft they wanted shut of. I spend the next three years twatting what remaining life it had in it. Good times.

Fast forward a few years, I carried on playing snare in school bands and took the odd lesson but my really passion was just blitzing a full kit (and the odd J). Towards the end of school I started hanging out with an old mate Wez (Wesley McMahon). He played guitar, I played drums, we both blazed, inevitable really. We spent an entire 6 week holiday jamming “Basket Case” and “Smells like Teen Spirit”, much to my parents’ dismay…

We wanted to gig so badly but we didn’t know anyone interested in playing bass. We hunted high and low for weeks to no avail. LOUD NOISES!! We took a walk to mull over our predicament and then, like a light from heaven, we saw a bass stood upright against a living room window. We took one last hit then plucked up the courage to go knock on the door.

We were greeted by a sweet old lady who told us it was her son’s (we were kind of gutted it wasn’t hers…) but she passed on our interest and that’s how we met Jimbob, the Jimbob. He had a few years on us but that didn’t stop us convincing him to come for a jam. One week later, he was in. He told us about his nephew Jonny Williams. Voice of an angel, head of a cuboid. Supernashwan was born.

We spent the next couple of years gigging the local pub rock scene and playing the odd jam night. Pissing up our earnings at The Fountain (Mirfield) and down the Squash Club (Dewsbury). Admitted, under age (‘cept uncle Jim of course!) Happy days…

The band split round the early aughties when Jonny left for College/Uni (can’t remember which). We had an amazing last gig at the Wilson Arms (Mirfield). Absolutely rammed to rafters then that was it.

Wez joined a ill fated ska band and later retired from guitar, Jim ‘Jimmed’ and I found myself playing with a local originals band Baseburner (later, Motaro Wins). High energy, technical punk rock. A blast to play, hard to listen to… When that fizzled out I flitted around with the odd covers band namely Angelica (female fronted attitude rock covers, strangely enough, with Jim on guitar) then later with Foo Fighters tribute band, The Foos.

I started dabbling in electronic music around 2009 with a passion for jungle/ drum and bass rhythms. Putting tracks out under the pseudonym Wattdogg. Listening to and searching for old breaks and samples really introduced me to a totally different style of music. Funk grabbed me hard! I began to truly appreciate groove. In the pocket is where I wanted to be…

My most recent live band was female fronted (spotting a theme here…) hard rock band, Further from the Truth. We shared stages with the likes of 36 Crazy Fists and Taking Dawn. Releasing a couple of EPs along the way but it just lacked that “sumthing”. The flow of a tight groove. Songs were written, not jammed. Time tested cliches. It was time to move on.

Now here I am. Found myself firmly lodged in the funky fresh extravaganza that is Eyes Like Twenty. Just enough rock to keep you lookin’, just enough funk to keep that arse cooking. I’m excited, and so should you be.


Jojo Mayer

Bernard Purdie

KJ Sawka

Dave Grohl

Tre Cool

Jose Pasillas

Dev Pandya (Alaska/Paradox)

Joseph “Zigaboo” Modeliste

Rickey Lawson



Welcome to the trademark Groove Kit…

Kick: Old 20×16″ Premier Signia with jungle riser

Snares: 14×5.5″ Pearl Masters Maple / Old 14×6.5″ Pearl FFS Aluminium

Floor Tom: 14×14″ Pearl Masters hanging tom

Hats: 14″ K Mastersounds

Ride: 20″ A Custom ping ride / 20″ K Custom medium ride

Crash: 16″ Sabian AAX Explosion

China: 18″ Paiste RUDE

Heads: Coated Ambassadors snare and tom batters. Ambassador snare side. Clear Ambassador tom reso. Superkick II kick batter. Any old thin head kick reso.

Sticks: Vater Los Angeles 5A

Hardware: Tama Iron Cobra (single). DW5000 hi-hat stand. Assorted stands.